Open NBS




What are these?


  • Tool to export note block songs into Minecraft.
  • It is the schematic-exporting engine used in the music-tracker program NBS Mod.
  • It's a useful way to export songs without redstone in versions prior to datapack support. (1.13)
  • Open NBS

  • Digital audio workstation to create music in Minecraft.
  • I'm one of the main contributors and feature developers.
  • It is an open-source continuation of Stuffbydavid's Note Block Studio.
  • MIDI Archive

  • This is an archive containing all of the songs I have covered, in the .MID file format.
  • All of the files are free to use for remixing, as long as they are properly credited.
  • This archive is regularly updated. Check the README for recent song additions and terms.